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Endless Mt. Caperlane the Skye's the Limit
Endless Mt.'s Full Court Press
Endless Mt.'s Can't Give It Up
CH Borador Willcare Master Copy
Carowby's Endless Mt. Claudia
Bournhall's Endless Mt. Scenestealer
Endless Mt. Cricket
CH Willcare's Masterpiece CD JH
Borador's Not Bad For Brown
Rocheby Out Rigger
Pipeline Speak Softly
CH Dickendall Davaron Anslo JH
Bournhall's Nutmeg Constellation
Endless Mt. Spin Doctor
Endless Mt. Suzanna
Thank you to Donna and Jonathan Stanley of Endless Mt. Labradors for this lovely girl.
Skye is everything you could ask for in a labrador...athletic, funny, smart, loving and always ready to go on an adventure.
Endless Mt. Caperlane the Skye's the Limit